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Designer spotlight is an overviw of my favorite bridal designer collections. From bohemian chic, to minimalist elegance and the complete princess bridal look.

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Fleur is enthusiastic and full of passion for bridal. Working with her can help your business reach the best of it’s potential. She is fun to work with and is a source of inspiration and ideas. The exercises are fun, build a great team and results are immediately evident.

Tim van der VeldenHoneymoon shop, Rotterdam

I came across the Selling in Bridal course a few days ago and was fascinated by the little that I read. Being in the industry I recognized all of the situations Fleur described. I decided to purchase the course as it was the first I have seen that focuses specifically on bridal retail.  I could not stop reading and finished it in a couple of hours . I decided to immediately change some of my methods and went to work the next day determined to put my new knowledge to good use. I was amazed at the difference it made to my interactions with brides themselves and even their entourage .  I know I have to keep practicing  the principles that I have learnt, so I continue to re-read the manual but I look forward to great success as a result of these techniques. I found this manual to be very informative and insightful and I feel certain that anyone operating in the bridal industry will find it as invaluable as I have.

Olga TochnocciWedding Box, South Africa