Sales Course Selling in Bridal

Selling in Bridal is the sales course for bridal store owners. It will save you time and money training your staff to be more skilled and confident to get better results.

Free E-book Talking to Brides

Every bridal store owner knows how important the intake conversation is. This free E-book will explain what to ask a bride so you’ll get all of the information you need to close the sale at the end.

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Fleur is enthusiastic and full of passion for bridal. Working with her can help your business reach the best of it’s potential. She is fun to work with and is a source of inspiration and ideas. The exercises are fun, build a great team and results are immediately evident.

Tim van der VeldenHoneymoon shop, Rotterdam

I decided to purchase ‘Selling in Bridal’ as it was the first course I have seen that focuses specifically on bridal retail. I decided to immediately change some of my methods and went to work the next day determined to put my new knowledge to good use. I was amazed at the difference it made to my interactions with brides themselves and even their entourage. I found ‘Selling in Bridal’ to be very informative and insightful and I feel certain that anyone operating in the bridal industry will find it as invaluable as I have.

Olga TochnocciWedding Box, South Africa